Cooking Fever Hack & Cheats for Gems and Coins

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Benefits of Cooking Fever Cheats

  • Saves money – We really help you to save the money that you could have spend on this tool since it is available for free.
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Cheats for Cooking Fever – The Features

  • Contains unlimited Gems – We enable you to formulate your on gems thus, you will not have to spend.
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There are several steps which must be followed when using our website. The steps which are in form of instructions has to be adhered to because they will serve as cheats for Cooking fever and this will ensure that, the tool work properly and as it is as outlined below:

  1. Go to the generator page.
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  3. Choose the amount of Gems of you are comfortable with.
  4. Press ”Generate” relax for the generator to complete.

In conclusion, for you want to expand your kitchen, you will need to serve more customers for them to recommend you and this will make you upgrade faster.

Cooking Fever Hack: Get free gems and coins with our cheats.

About Cooking Fever

Cooking fever is a free mobile application cooking game which tests both your strategic and time management skills. You can cook very tasty and delicious meal from different parts of the world using the available free time management game. It enables you to practice different kinds of cooking techniques and settings. It also allows one to use a lot of ingredients to prepare several delicious meals.

With cooking fever game you can decorate your restaurant to attract more customers in. You can also make freebies like cupcakes and cookies to make your clients enjoy moments in your restaurant just like in free life situation. It is possible to improve your kitchen and produce more foodstuffs at ago. The cooking fever game is very enjoyable. It also enables you to share your delicious meals on other digital platforms like Facebook.

Features of cooking fever game

Cooking fever currently has double playing screens. One is the city that owns nine restaurants and Paradise Island which has six restaurants. The city restaurants include; Fast Food Court, Bakery, Chinese Restaurant, Indian Diner, Pizzeria, Seafood Bistro, Breakfast Cafe, Sushi Restaurant and FC Barcelona Bar. Paradise restaurants include; Ice Cream Bar, Corn Dog Van, Paradise Cocktail Bar, Cafe Mexicana, House of Crab and Sun Waffles.

Bakery restaurant is usually available when you begin the game. Others appear as you advance in the experience level. The experience level is usually denoted as XP. A single restaurant contains forty levels of play which has a minimum score required to pass in order to progress to the next level. The game in addition has in purchase app which can make you spend real money to acquire additional coins and gems rather than earning them in the course of the game.

Every unlocked bakery has a main status screen that gives you a brief overview of your standings in that particular restaurant. The screen connects you to the interior upgrades and kitchen screens. At the main screen you can see and request your restaurants daily income.

Satisfy you dining guests in cooking fever

In cooking fever, you will be in charge of attending to your customers in a fast restaurant. To pass through this game, you must tackle the customers who will ask for different types of foodstuffs. As one who is in charge, you must adhere to the required steps in preparing every meal and orders. Like for example, if a client wants you to cook him or her nice burgers you must first put the bread in the plate, then meat in the pan and take it out when it is done.

In order to succeed in cooking fever, your rhythm and level of micromanagement skills are very necessary, this is particularly important when you get over the tutorial levels and start being ordered by a lot of clients at once. If you take too long, the customer might get annoyed and even leave without paying. If you provide services faster, your customers will be happy and stay in your restaurant.

Cooking fever is a typical game. The two elements, establishment and progression makes it very unique. Try the Cooking Fever Hack Tool today.